Nicole Boggs

Nicole Boggs & The Reel are outliers dedicated to living the story and telling the truth. The perfect storm of determined intellect, musical prowess, and reckless rebellion the Soul/Rock outfit fearlessly addresses the process of making a mess, falling apart, and starting over. Growing up in musical families their inspirations range from classic soul to Americana songwriters to harmony heavy 70’s rock n’ roll. The cast of characters consists of singer-songwriter Nicole Boggs (The Four on Fox,) guitarist Alex Kramer (Jason Derulo,) songwriter & rhythm guitarist Sam Gyllenhaal alongside bassist Loren D. Clark (LeAnn Rimes,) and drummer Terence F. Clark (Robert Cray Band.) Their talents combine to ignite a collaborative approach to song-first artistry backed by laughter and the love of a good groove. Their defiant refusal to be boxed in combined with a near religious devotion to constantly pushing and refining craft has allowed them to emerge as the one thing that the machine can never produce and rarely recognizes: a true original.Their debut album “Scenes From Last Year” is available everywhere now. Reel music for Reel people.