Formed in 2017, Immediate Family was founded on the principal that artists should be working with a team that wants to win just as much as the artist does. Our mission is to produce meaningful promotion campaigns for artists focusing primarily on the digital landscape. 
It may sound cheesy, but providing a personal approach to the music business is one of the pillars of our business. We want to make sure your project is treated with love, respect, and an unparalleled hustle.
Since starting we’ve had the pleasure to work with GRAMMY® nominated and award winning artists and producers. Every campaign starts with the same question and focus, what is your goal? What will make this project a win for you? 
From there we develop the plan and strategy necessary to get you there. We’re happy to say that our business in the last 3 years has been 100% word of mouth referrals which we think is the best testament to our business. 
If you’re considering working with a digital team consider the team that wants to win with you.
Lets work together!