Sizzy Rocket

Sizzy Rocket is the cool best friend you wish you had growing up – the one who doused herself in glitter and moved to New York to start a punk band. And that’s exactly what she did, along with booking her own shows at underground clubs and releasing secret songs via Dropbox to her rabid Twitter following. Since then, Sizzy’s work with top tier producers and a brief stint at NYU’s Clive Davis School of Music landed her a publishing deal with Universal Music Group at just 20 years old. To date, she’s racked up writing credits with the likes of Noah Cyrus, Bea Miller, Hey Violet, and Anitta.

In 2016 Sizzy Rocket released her debut full-length album THRILLS to a sudden swarm of screaming teenaged girls online, now aptly named “the cult”. The lead single “Bestie” was called an “unfairly catchy pop song” by New York Magazine and reached top 20 on Spotify’s UK Viral Chart. The follow up, surprise mixtape Hot Summer, dropped in 2017 via Popcrush with a series of DIY music videos and riot grrrl- inspired zines and essays – it even received a nod from feminist punk icon Kathleen Hanna.

When she’s not trading fan mail with her cult, Sizzy is either building her own independent record label or on the road. Last year, she joined Epic Records artist Lauren Sanderson on two nationwide tours and continues to play packed houses all over the country. Currently, Sizzy is gearing up for her second full-length album and headlining tour this summer.